IoT Vertical and Topical Summit for Agriculture
08-09 May 2018 – Tuscany, Italy


2018 IEEE IoT Vertical and Topical Summit on Agriculture

We have picked five segments of the agriculture vertical that are an important component of the worldwide agriculture industry as the focus of the Summit. These segments are also an important part of the Agricultural base in Italy and very much part of the tradition and culture of Tuscany. They include:

In each of these segments the Summit explores the full cycle from growth to consumption and explores the new possibilities that the Internet of Things enables for improvement and innovation in agriculture – the theme for the Summit is “The Digital Revolution – Farming 4.0.”

We are devoting two full days to the Summit, which is meant to be intensely interactive and brings together experts from around the world. This includes companies directly involved in the practice of agriculture and food products, equipment and service vendors, technologists, researchers, and organizations with a vital interest in the future evolution of agricultural practices.

We encourage all speakers and attendees to spend the two days with us and to be part of the networking, sharing, and learning that’s necessary for IoT to deliver on its promises in this key vertical. The progression to digital Farming 4.0 is crucial, whether it’s for better quality of product, growth of the worldwide food supply through improvement in yield, or efficiency in operations. The benefits are important for people around the world to meet the need for food for a growing population and to meet the demand for specialty products from a more affluent global society.