IoT Vertical and Topical Summit for Agriculture
08-09 May 2018 – Tuscany, Italy

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Sponsored by: The IEEE Internet of Things (IoT) Initiative

We are excited to invite you to join the IEEE IoT Vertical and Topical Summit on Agriculture at Borgo San Luigi in Monteriggioni (Siena) Tuscany, Italy 8-9 May 2018.

Each IEEE IoT Summit brings together experts and leaders from all over the world to address the implementation of IoT solutions in a local setting. One of the industries important to Italy and the Region of Tuscany is Agriculture and is the focus Vertical for the event. The objective of the Summit is to launch actions that will lead to the nurturing, and maturing of IoT solutions and deployments that have significant near and long-term benefits for society. Hence, the theme we have chosen for the Summit is “The Digital Revolution – Farming 4.0!

Join us in Tuscany, Italy and be part of the  important and exciting IEEE IoT summit.  Whether you are there to listen, to present, to see the exhibits, to have your questions answered, or are there to contribute to the discussions and dialog with some of the world’s leading experts, you will find the event meaningful and memorable.

Summit Highlights

  • The Summit features two action packed days devoted to the agricultural life cycle – from growth, to processing, to distribution, retailing, and consumption of food products.
Areas of Agriculture Products Technologies
  • Viticulture
  • Horticulture
  • Orchards
  • Cereal Crops
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Grapes, Wines, Vinegars….
  • Flowers, Greens, Vegetables .…
  • Olives, Olive Oil
  • Staples, Bread, Pasta ….
  • Cured Meats and Products
  • Sensors
  • Automation
  • Data and Analytics
  • Domain Specific Technologies
  • Communications and Connectivity
  • Plenary Presentations and overviews of IoT and underlying technologies from outstanding and leading experts and practitioners
  • Panels and Working Groups
  • Technical Papers
  • Demonstrations and exhibits
  • A grand setting in the Tuscan countryside with exceptional hospitality, with receptions and meals based on local cuisine and traditions.
  • Companions Program during the Summit
  • Cultural and Tourist Tours before and after the Summit

Distinguished Speakers

Prof. Angelo Riccaboni

Angelo RiccaboniAngelo Riccaboni was Rector of the University of Siena, one of the oldest European universities, founded in 1240. He was also President of CRUI, the Council of all the Rectors of the Italian Universities. Research and teaching at the University of Siena are particularly focused on sustainability issues, as testified by the creation of NESSO, Network Sustainability Siena, an Interdisciplinary Center dedicated to the environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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